Godzilab gains success with Tenjin's campaign bucketing tool

Godzilab started its company in 2010 with its first mobile hit, iBlast Moki. They are a talented, globally distributed group of 7 people focused on making free to play RPGs. Five years ago, they integrated a third-party attribution provider but realized that this wasn’t everything they needed to measure ROI. Godzilab found Tenjin in 2018 during the success of their latest app, CRUSH THEM ALL. Because their game is a mix of IAP and ad-revenue, they wanted to figure out their Ad Revenue per source to be able to scale their UA.


The Challenge

Godzilab needed a tool that effortlessly combined all aggregated data from various sources in one place even if they used multiple toolsets and attribution providers.

The Solution

Tenjin provided Godzilab with a solution that synchronized data sets from 3rd party attribution, analytics, ad revenue, and ad spend providers without the need for an SDK integration. The campaign bucketing tool allowed the Godzilab team to tie different data sets together from various ad networks and attribution providers. They were able to integrate quickly without submitting a new update or SDK. In a couple of days, they were able to gather data and start to analyze it.

Jerome Lanquetot

"We were able to grow our spending by 2x in the months which followed the integration and be ROI positive. Great, love the reactivity from the team. That and the CEO is involved directly in the discussions to help us figure out the best solutions."

Jerome Lanquetot, CTO

The Result

They were able to grow their spending by 2x in an ROI positive way once Tenjin was integrated.