Tenjin helps indie developer Lockwood Publishing grow faster

Lockwood Publishing is a highly successful online publishing studio specialising in social games and virtual worlds. Its hit property Avakin Life is an avatar creation system, social network and gaming hub all wrapped in one unique platform. The company’s Chief Commercial Officer, Oliver Kern, is a noted growth hacker and mobile marketing guru who has helped app companies ranging from indies to market giants like Rovio and Wargaming. While Avakin Life grew to 17M downloads organically, Oliver’s mission was to turbocharge the app’s growth with paid UA so it could become the preeminent virtual world on mobile.


The Challenge

Avakin Life is a 3D experience where users can meet people, chat and dress up, as well as decorate and design their homes. Approximately 55% of the app’s revenue comes from IAP, with 45% coming from advertising and other sources. Previous to using Tenjin, Lockwood was tracking attribution and campaign costs using multiple vendors. In this setup they struggled to attribute both IAP revenue to campaign sources with 100% confidence, as well as to attribute advertising and non-IAP revenue correctly to various campaigns. This made it difficult to optimize campaigns for maximum performance and to invest aggressively into growing the Avakin Life apps. Kern and his team needed a reliable way to track the ROI of their app marketing campaigns, easily manage their LTV model and find new & better FB Lookalike segments.

The Solution

Lockwood began using the Tenjin platform in order to aggregate its ad spend and ad revenue all in one dashboard that allows them to very quickly assess and adjust its campaigns across different ad networks. Additionally, he now taps into Tenjin’s DataVault to gain direct access to raw, user-level data. Each week, Oliver can quickly populate all his management and user cohort Excel dashboards. He and his team can build their own queries to analyse user behaviour.

Oliver Kern

"Lockwood Publishing had not done paid UA at scale before. The Tenjin platform combines several services that Lockwood previously would have to rely on multiple vendors for. Tenjin has proven to be an invaluable weapon in the growth and optimization of the Avakin Life app and our business as a whole. No other solution on the market combines all of the tools that we need in one package quite like Tenjin. And not only is the technology first-rate, but the Tenjin team takes their client’s needs very seriously and offers exceptional support to make sure we’re getting the absolute most from our experience."

Oliver Kern, Chief Commercial Officer

The Result

Tenjin’s ROI dashboard allows Oliver to very quickly assess and adjust his campaigns. Tenjin’s DataVault allows Lockwood to drill down much deeper into granular data when segmenting its players, enabling the company to conduct new more targeted ROI-positive campaigns, especially on FB. Easy access to Avakin's growth data allows Oliver to update his LTV model for Avakin without the need of engineering. This not only allowed Lockwood to increase campaign ROI, but to be more aggressive in its ad spend because it now buys with total confidence. Avakin Life added about 5 million installs in the first four months since it started working with Tenjin, and Oliver credits Tenjin with helping turbocharge the company’s marketing efforts.