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For small independent developers with zero budget
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  • 2,000 free attributions every month, 24,000 free attributions every year
  • Unlimited free organic installs
  • Lifetime cohort and retention reports
  • Ad spend reporting
  • Ad revenue analytics
  • Deferred deeplink solution
  • SKAdNetwork Reporting
  • Fraud protection
  • Data Exporter
  • Email & chat support
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For medium size teams ready to scale up
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Everything in Starter, plus:
  • Access attribution data in App
  • Server-to-Server Integration
  • Ad fraud analysis
  • Unlimited reporting metrics API access
  • Unlimited campaign management API access
  • New partner integration support
  • Dedicated account manager with IM support
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For large teams with comprehensive and custom solutions
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Everything in Advanced, plus:
  • ETL and data warehousing
  • Data migration support
  • Full raw data access
  • Prediction suite (soon)
  • A/B testing
  • BI tool integration support
  • Data science consulting
  • Growth strategy planning and coaching
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Smarter developers make smarter decisions
Starter Advanced Enterprise
Attribution & cohort reports
Dashboard access Unlimited users Unlimited users Unlimited users
Click and impression-based attribution
Unlimited organic installs
Ad revenue analytics, ad LTV, ROAS & ROI
SKAdNetwork Suite
Lifetime cohort and retention reports
Ad spend reporting for 300+ ad networks
Deferred deeplinks
Data exporter
Alternative android store support
Fraud protection
Server-to-Server Integration Add on
Custom callbacks Add on
Access attribution data in app Add on
Ad revenue callbacks Add on
Marketing analytics
DataVault - data warehousing Add on
ETL & BI integration support Add on
Full raw data access Add on
Prediction suite Add on
Unlimited campaign management API access Add on
Unlimited reporting metrics API access Add on
Ad fraud analysis Add on
New partner integration support
Help center
Email & IM support
Phone support
IM support - dedicated slack channel
Dedicated customer success manager
Date migration & onboarding support Add on
Growth strategy planning and coaching Add on
Data science consulting Add on
Compliance and security
GDPR & CCPA compliance
ISO 27001
iOS 14+ & Android 12
User access control

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Frequently asked questions

Is the Starter plan really free?
Yes! You can get started with our Starter plan at zero cost. The starter plan gives you access to all the core Tenjin features including cost aggregation, ad revenue LTV, and up to 2,000 free monthly attributions for your whole lifetime with Tenjin.
Is there any free trial?
Yes, you can get a special one-time offer with both the Advanced and Enterprise plans. With this offer, the first 24,000 attributions are free, and you also get access to Tenjin’s add-ons for the first month.
How do I upgrade to a different plan?
Super easy, you can upgrade to a different plan at any time by simply sending an email to
How do you charge for the SKAdNetwork/iOS14 solution?
It's free! All Tenjin customers get access to our SKAdNetwork solution. With the evolving SKAdNetwork framework, it's been one of our first priorities to make sure our customers can utilize this data effectively.
What are the payment options?
We accept all major credit cards, direct debit and bank wire transfer.
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