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What makes Tenjin unique?

We are trusted by leading app publishers worldwide

How we compare to other MMPs?

Tenjin vs Appsflyer vs Adjust

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my business use Tenjin?

Tenjin is free to start and offers a pay-as-you-grow pricing model. We constantly upgrade our easy-to-use tools to supercharge your growth and make sure that they are accessible to teams of all sizes.

What security and privacy measures does Tenjin comply with?

Tenjin is dedicated to providing its customers with full transparency and control over their users’ private data.

What if I need help using Tenjin?

We're here to help. We offer premium customer support via email, intercom and a dedicated slack channel. You can find more details on our support options here.

How long does it take to integrate the Tenjin SDK?

Usually it should only take a few days. We make the integration as easy as possible. Our hands-on support team can guide you every step of the way.

How hard is it to switch from another attribution provider to Tenjin?

It's easy! If you'd like to make the switch to Tenjin, we have a process in place to make the migration as easy as possible, without any data disruption. Reach out to us at support@tenjin.com to get started.